Hey! I'm Molly.

I am currently...
Working as a User Interface Designer with Google’s YouTube User Experience team.
I recently...
Did contract design work for Weave, Intuit’s todo iPhone app.
Did research & design with ComVibe, a startup focusing on enhancing the apartment rental experience.
Completed my Master of Human-Computer Interaction degree at Carnegie Mellon.
Finished an 8-month MHCI Capstone Project with Bank of America.
Graduated with a BFA in Communication Design & Human-Computer Interaction from Carnegie Mellon.

Then, now & the future.

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"Let me see your credentials."

Feel free to download my PDF resume.

Resume »

"Where's your work?"

I'm not able to show most of my recent work due to NDA restrictions, hence the sparse website. My old portfolio has some examples of work— I promise I've gotten better since.

Old portfolio »

"Who are you?"

I grew up right outside of Boston in Concord, MA. Went to school at Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh, PA. Currently living in San Francisco. I like clean information design, photography, good food, and Belgian beer.

"Let's Connect!"